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19th Aug 2015

This tiny bear cub had a hilarious mishap with a tub of protein powder (Pic)

Bear gainz...

Ben Kenyon

Winnie the Pooh liked honey, Yogi Bear was partial to a picnic, but this bear cub in Colorado had other ideas.

The tiny brown bear had presumably been hitting the gym and wanted a good source of protein – you know, for the gains.

But after helping himself to a tub of whey protein powder, he ended up getting stuck. Proper stuck.

Colorado Springs police found him wandering around an intersection with the tub wedged on his head.

bear 1

They scooped him up, stuck in him in the car and took him to the local fire station to have the jar removed.

The officers finally released the bear back into the wild unharmed. He’ll look back and laugh about this down the gym one day.

H/T Mashable