The five best YouTube workouts for building muscle and strength 2 years ago

The five best YouTube workouts for building muscle and strength

If you're under time constraints when working out, it's imperative you pick the biggest bang-for-your buck exercises

You may not even have the time to hit the gym, but that's not a problem if you possess the right kit. Some of the best YouTube workouts can all be performed from the comfort of your own living room.


Internet searches for 'home workouts' rose by 44% in January alone, when compared to December. With modern life whittling away how much free time you get, it's clear that picking a proven workout is key for staying on top of your fitness regime.

Helping you to get the most out of your living room session, Google Home Hub comes with Fitstar, a seven-minute workout from a virtual Personal Trainer, providing both cardio and strength training routines.

This is pretty nifty if your only training time is a half hour before work or around family commitments.

As well as Fitstar, Home Hub's built-in screen means a plethora of YouTube workouts are also available to view. These are the pick of the bunch, if building muscle and strength is one of your goals. 

1. Dumbbell-Only Shoulder Workout


  • The shoulder muscle is made up of three heads, and BarbarianBody's session activates all three to great effect
  • His emphasis on form is also key for building boulder shoulders. You aren't just swinging those weights around for the sake of it

2. Full Body Workout For Beginners

  • Buff Dudes are a recommended follow for anyone interested in bullsh*t-free training and nutrition advice
  • This beginner dumbbell YouTube workout is based on the main compound lifts, which recruit the maximum number of muscle fibres at once
  • The dudes have also included a handy warm-up drill to get your heart-rate pumping before your muscles undergo the same process

3. 30-Minute Full Body Dumbbell Workout


  • This workout from HASFit comes complete with a calorie calculator displaying how much energy you're burning from the workout
  • If you're looking to get lean with a sizeable amount of muscle definition, this one's for you

4. Biceps And Triceps Workout For Bigger Arms


  • Obi Vincent's arms session works for a number of reasons. It's short, sharp and intense, and hits the biceps and triceps from a variety of angles
  • It can also prove beneficial to hit your arms on a separate day. The triceps are involved in chest and shoulder (pressing) lifts, and the biceps in back and forearm (pulling) exercises, but when you go to hit the bis and tris on these days they are already substantially fatigued
  • Dedicating a separate arm-building session can help you add an inch or two to your guns

5. 15-Minute Dumbbell HIIT Workout

  • 'The Body Coach' Joe Wicks grew his channels largely with a combination of simple recipes and easy-to-understand home YouTube workouts
  • This one is among the best. It works all major muscle groups with minimal equipment and space needed.

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