Personal trainer says running around like a dog on all fours is the secret to 'getting crazy ripped' 3 weeks ago

Personal trainer says running around like a dog on all fours is the secret to 'getting crazy ripped'

He has been doing it for almost a year

A personal trainer has said that running on all fours like a dog is a brilliant way to keep fit and has helped him develop a "crazy ripped" physique.


Nathaniel Nolan, from Indiana, has been doing the unique exercise for 326 days and claims that it has helped him with mobility issues and pain.

After doing calisthenic exercises (ones that don't rely on anything other than a person's own body weight), jujitsu and breakdancing, he explained that he had developed "a lot of pain" in areas such as his wrists, hands and shoulders.

But after doing planks and bear crawls, he decided to take things one step further - by running around on all fours like an animal for a minimum of "30 to 45 minutes a day."


He told ABC News: "There's no inspiration coming from any sort of animals. I'm not trying to imitate anything."

Along with helping him get "crazy ripped" as he describes, he points out that there are a lot of benefits that aren't so obvious to others.

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"The areas that people can't see or are harder to notice are the mobility gains that I've had -- how much better my body feels," he said.

Although he's clearly seen major benefits from the fitness routine, he did admit that it has some downsides.

"I've found that putting your hands on the bare sidewalk - you're taking some risks there," Nolan said.

But despite what you may think, most people apparently don't take much notice of him when he's doing his all-fours thing, and "pretty much never" stop to ask him what he's doing.


"A lot of people underestimate how little people care what's going on around them," Nolan added.

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Nolan now shares his workouts on TikTok on his channel @xpmovement, where he has more than 993,000 followers.

His videos demonstrate some of the impressive feats of strength he can now perform, and he encourages others to try the "All Fours Challenge" out for themselves.


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