Nine healthy eating habits that can help you lose weight 3 years ago

Nine healthy eating habits that can help you lose weight

Sticking to a diet is often the most difficult aspect of trying to lose weight. To help your adherence, it's all about developing healthy eating habits

Habits can develop relatively quickly - sometimes in as little as two weeks. Most diets fail to work because they are too restrictive and unsustainable. To build healthier eating habits, AXA PPP healthcare have provided some top tips for curbing those hidden calories.


Keep a food diary

"Keeping a log of what you eat every day – meals, snacks and everything else. It will help you acknowledge what you’re eating – but be honest with yourself and don’t leave anything out."

Find a positive mantra

"Try telling yourself: ‘I want to be healthy’ or ‘I don’t need that right now, I’m not even hungry’ when you’re wavering by the biscuit tin."

Set aside time to deal with stress


"Sometimes it helps to externalise your worries and sources of stress by writing them down and allowing yourself 15 minutes a day to deal with them - this can help you stop reaching for food."

Use distraction techniques

"If you’re snacking out of habit do something to distract your brain from food. Try a quick walk round the block, a glass of water, phoning a friend or listening to music."

Savour the taste and flavour

"You can focus on the taste of food, rather than the quantity to help reduce portion size. If you’re still hungry or want to add more to your plate, add extra veg."


Stay positive

"Make short term goals so you can congratulate yourself and celebrate your successes on a regular basis – building up your self-esteem as you achieve each one."

Don’t ban any food


"If you do, it seems to become more appealing, you obsess about it and it’s not sustainable in the long term."

Be patient

"If you’re aiming to lose some weight, the slower the weight comes off the longer it will stay off, so try not to get too fixated about achieving dramatic weight loss in a short space of time – be consistent and persistent, looking to the longer term."

Think small changes


"It’s all the small changes that add up. Try eating smaller portions, using a smaller plate or look for calorie saving swaps."

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