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18th Oct 2019

Meet the German strongman who lives completely plant-based

Wayne Farry

Can you be meat-free and still build muscle?

In episode one of new JOE series Plant Powered, we meet a vegan strongman and travel to the Berlin gym where vegans are flocking to build strength and smash new records.

Patrik Baboumian holds the world record for the heaviest weight ever carried by a human – and he’s a vegan.

Patrik put JOE’s Alex Roberts through a yoke carry workout, and also introduced him to Berlin Strength – a community of vegan weightlifters based in the German capital.

Baboumian also stars in The Game Changers, a new documentary in which filmmaker and self-defence instructor James Wilks investigates the link between eating meat, a plant-based diet and a variety of athletic pursuits.