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15th May 2019

These are the most common excuses people have for avoiding the gym

Achieving a fitness goal demands getting outside your comfort zone, which is why so many people make excuses. But some are more believable than others

Alex Roberts

Whether you’re training to build muscle, lose weight or just improve your general fitness, success with your gym goals involves getting outside your comfort zone

Naturally, this is easier said than done, which is why 60% of people make excuses to get out of training. Of course, some are more valid than others – but what are the most common exercise excuses?

We looked at the results from a survey of around 2000 people.

Its aim was to examine what motivates people to hit the gym – but also what excuses they use to avoid exercising. You’ll be surprised at the findings.

Habits Exercise Weights

Common exercise excuses

According to the survey, the top five most common excuses for getting out of exercise are:

  • I’m too tired (63 percent of people)
  • It’s too hot (39 percent)
  • It’s too cold (39 percent)
  • Training is too much work (35 percent)
  • I just ate (31 percent)

These all seem like pretty common excuses, but there were more, shall we say, ‘creative’ ones too.

15 percent of people say they won’t train if they have a meeting the next day, 14 percent of people feel too self-conscious to work out, while 10 percent won’t hit the gym if their phone battery is too low.

The survey was conducted by Peerfit, an American corporate wellness company – who also posted a video with further data taken from the survey.

Working out with a pal was popular – some 65% of people said they were more likely to work out if they planned to go with someone else.

If you’re struggling to find the motivation to train, here are five ways of gaining more gym confidence:

  1. Focus on yourself: although it may seem as if people are watching you, other gym users are concentrating on themselves
  2. Caffeine kick: a double espresso or scoop of pre-workout can help you increase focus and attention
  3. Set a SMART goal: a specific and measurable goal
  4. Pick a good playlist: music you enjoy will boost motivation
  5. Put a proper programme in place: track your progress

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