Can hypnosis help you lift more at the gym? 2 years ago

Can hypnosis help you lift more at the gym?

How do you improve your strength?

Going to the gym for a variety of reasons. Whether it's building confidence, self-esteem, fitness or strength, one thing that most people agree on is that when it comes to the gym, practice makes perfect.


The more you do an exercise, the better you will get at that exercise. And the more you lift a weight, the easier it will become to lift that weight going forward.

But despite this, and despite the progress you may make, every now and then you hit an impasse.

Maybe it's a distance, a particular exercise or a milestone weight but on certain occasions you can feel like your aim is an insurmountable mountain.


In these cases it can be tempting to step away and explore other avenues to help you reach your goals, and in this case that avenue is hypnotherapy.

Can it help you lift more at the gym? We travelled to a Harley Street hypnotherapist to find out.