Athlete born with one leg shares his crazy pull-up prowess 3 years ago

Athlete born with one leg shares his crazy pull-up prowess

If you're on the look-out for some fitness motivation, former Team GB athlete Tyler Saunders has it in abundance

Saunders was born with one leg, so faced mobility difficulties from day one. After competing in wheelchair basketball for Team GB, Saunders is now a personal trainer, helping others achieve their health and fitness goals.


He spoke to JOE and told us about his training and motivation tips.

"At school, I wore a prosthetic leg to look ‘normal’ and fit in with other kids", Saunders said.

"I enjoyed P.E. and playing football, but due to mobility wasn't able to keep up with pace so changed to basketball (due to less reliance on footwork!) I fell in love with it, and that was the first step on my route to fitness."

It was the sporting world which first opened his eyes to the fitness industry.


"I started playing wheelchair basketball in 2007, and got brought into the GB men’s program in 2008. I spent three years in Germany playing semi-pro between 2012-15, and this is where my fitness path really took off.

"After leaving Germany and the GB setup, I enrolled in a PT course, with the aim of working with disabled & non-disabled people to help them achieve healthier and more active lives."

Saunders trains his clients out of PureGym Borehamwood, and has some unique advice for staying motivated.

"Motivation comes in waves to be honest! One minute you’re fully on it and then after a while it wavers. When it does, you have to think about your WHY. Why you started, what your original intent was.

"Some days I’m bursting with energy, others not (depending on sleep due to having two daughters under two and half years old) but on the days I’m flagging I just think of my WHY.


"Why I entered the industry, and it is to help, motivate and inspire as many people as I can."

Saunders also shared his top three favourite exercises and what they provide for your body.



A safe, low-risk way of strengthening the push muscles (chest, shoulders, triceps) as well as activating pretty much every muscle in the body if done correctly.

Single Arm Dumbbell Row


Great exercise for strengthening the pull muscles (back, biceps, forearms) as well as core stabilisers and promoting a healthy shoulder joint

Dumbbell/Kettlebell Goblet Squat

A great lower body exercise that works the legs, glutes and core. It's a good squat variation for beginners as it enforces sound technique.