60-year-old bodybuilder explains how he still stays in shape 1 year ago

60-year-old bodybuilder explains how he still stays in shape

He is one of the most successful bodybuilders of all time

60-year-old former bodybuilder Lee Labrada has revealed the diet and training plan still helping him stay in shape to this day.


Labrada competed from 1982 until 1995, and appeared in the top four in seven consecutive Mr. Olympia events. That puts him up there with Ronnie Coleman and a certain Schwarzenegger, if you didn't know.

Long retired from competitive bodybuilding, Labrada still consistently trains hard. He also routinely posts training clips on social media.

Writing underneath a recent Instagram post, Labrada said:

"I still train with weights almost every day, and on days that I don't, I do cardio."

This seems like a pretty standard approach to training, but in terms of diet, you may be surprised to learn Labrada doesn't count calories.

"I also eat a clean diet, but it's not restricted calorically," he said.


"Which means I'm never hungry. I eat as much as I want of clean foods: lots of fish, chicken and dairy, lots of fruits and vegetables, rice, yams and oatmeal, and I try to stick with whole foods."

By sticking to these relatively low-calorie foods, 60-year-old Labrada is probably still within a calorie deficit which helps him stay lean.

Where solid food isn't an option, Labrada calls on the tried-and-tested protein shake. Whey protein was invented to allow athletes to consume enough protein when sitting down to eat was out of the question.

"When I'm in a hurry and can't sit down to eat, I drink my Lean Body shakes with 40g of protein and zero sugar. Nothing too fancy, just good nutrition. Consistency is the key. I follow this program pretty much every day."

Labrada's son Hunter is now an IFBB professional bodybuilder himself.


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