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02nd Apr 2022

1.5 million men would wear a suit to bury their pet- would you?

Kieran Galpin


Pooches deserve a proper send-off too

Some occasions dictate formal wear, but shockingly, 1.5 million Brits would wear a formal suit to bury their beloved pets.

New research from, surveying over 2k men, has delved into when men are most likely to dress up James Bond Style. They found that 6 per cent of British men would wear a suit to bury their pet, which may not seem very much, but it equates to around 1.5m men across the nation.

Via Unsplash

Interestingly, they also found that 517,000 men would put on a suit to take images for their dating profiles. Honestly, it might be an improvement on the plethora of men holding fish on Tinder.

A staggering 800,000 fellas would also wear a suit to watch the final of a football video game. Also, in the realm of entertainment, 1 per cent of men (329,000) would don a suit to watch 007.

Obviously, the most comment events for men to wear a suit included a wedding, funeral, job interview and Christening.


“There are many common occasions where people dress smartly, but pets’ funerals and Football Manager finals are just a couple of the surprising reasons we’ve uncovered,” said a spokesperson for the Grand National.

They added: “A day at the races if often a great excuse for men to dress up, and the Grand National is no different. So, if you spot someone from the North East looking sharp at the races, make sure you pay them a compliment – it sounds like they’d really like that!”

So next time one of your family pets passes, grab the nearest tux and throw a bash in their honour.

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