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17th Sep 2021

Man eats ‘world’s biggest burger’ in front of vegan protestors

Danny Jones

Prankster eats burger in front of vegan protestors

‘World biggest burger’ might be an exaggeration but still

Online prankster @yourajokeman, real name Jordan Adams, has ruffled a few feathers in one of his latest online prank videos involving a group of vegans and a heavily carnivorous meal.

Adams takes dares from his some 776,000 TikTok followers on which prank he should do next and about a week ago, one of them dared him to eat “the world’s biggest burger in front of vegan protestors”. He obliged, of course.

@yourajokemanReply to @morejokeman MHHHHMMMMMM♬ original sound – Jordan Adams

As you can see, while it is unclear what protests he attended and where, he does turn up – burger in hand – in front of some demonstrators (some pictured in Anonymous masks) and tucks into his burger.

What follows are a number of awkward exchanges with several protestors, clearly made as uncomfortable as the prank intended. One protestor involved even tries to rope in a pair of police officers parked next to the demonstration, as he points to a takeout burger box and says, “that’s a fineable offence init?” – accusing Adams of littering.

Adams then defends his actions under the guise of “promoting good meat” before the camera cuts to another individual who asks him “are you proud of what you are doing?” – to which he simply responds, “yeah, I am”.

After calling his prank “pathetic”, the cameraman then rebukes: “you guys are promoting your thing – can’t we promote ours?”

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