You can now get paid £1000 to watch Christmas films and eat snacks 1 month ago

You can now get paid £1000 to watch Christmas films and eat snacks

This will certainly pay for Christmas

You can now get paid £1,000 to sit and watch Christmas films while eating snacks - if you ask us, it's kind of the perfect job.


In this professional film testing role, in conjunction with BuzzBingo, you can watch some Crimbo favourites and get paid to do it. Successful applicants will be paid £1,000 to watch a wide array of Christmas classics and BuzzBingo will also send out a Christmas hamper that includes everything from mince pies to selection boxes.

Here are the films included in the promotion:

The Santa Clause

It doesn't get much better than this ultimate Christmas classic starring Tim Allen, Judge Reinhold and Wendy Crewson.

Miracle on 34th Street


This is a staple at Christmas, even more so if you have elderly relatives over.

The Holiday

This romantic comedy starring Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz, Jack Black and Jude Law would be just perfect to binge.


White Christmas

Most of us might not have watched White Christmas but that doesn't mean it isn't a Christmas classic. Ask any grandparent what their favourite holiday movie is and White Christmas is bound to make the top five.

A Christmas Carol


It's not immediately clear whether this one is the original or the Jim Carey remake - but we know which one we'd choose.

The Muppet Christmas Carol


What happens when you combine Christmas cheer and puppets? An absolute diamond of a film.

Love Actually

Every mum's favourite Crimbo flick.


Elf is peak Will Ferrell and even the Scrooges out there are bound to enjoy this film.

Home Alone

It doesn't get much better than Home Alone - and we mean the original. Though the title has seen numerous instalments, it's hard to beat the first.

It's a Wonderful Life

Most of us are in a food coma when this film comes on TV but still - you're getting paid to watch it.

You can expect to watch other films like Bad Santa, Jingle all the Way, Deck the Halls and Die Hard - because yes, it's a Christmas film.

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