B&M is selling hanging egg chair for cats and its only £55 8 months ago

B&M is selling hanging egg chair for cats and its only £55

This chair from B&M is just purr-fect

If you prefer the company of cats over humans because people kind of suck, you'll be happy to know you can now buy a hanging egg chair specifically for your feline friend.


For the brilliantly reasonable price of £55, your cat could get the throne it deserves, swinging a few feet off the ground.

Sharing the news to their Facebook page earlier today (November 30), the store wrote: "You're all fans of our sell-out egg chair - so now we've launched a new version... for cats!


"This rattan effect egg chair is in stores soon (some lucky people have already picked one up!) so don't miss out!

"Who's feline the need to pick this up?"

With the post receiving nearly 5k likes since just this morning, it's clear that the UK market is living for this unique piece of furniture.

Partners have been tagging each other but the most notable reveal is the names of people's cats.


Frosty, icy and snowy all popped up numerous times - any guess what colour the cats are?

However other people were quick to brand the furniture as "pointless", with one Facebook user explaining that his cat much prefers the top of the fridge.

"My cat would still choose the sofa," another wrote.

Another cat mum said: "I'm not sure mine would fit in but I would imagine it would be wrecked and pulled apart within a day."


Facebook may have had mixed reactions to the news but there are definitely a few cats out there who will find a big surprise underneath the tree this Christmas.

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