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16th Apr 2015

Uber delivers Iron Throne to lucky New Yorkers

Just something we've throne together...


Have you ever thought of calling a cab but decided the seats won’t be extravagant enough?

Well, this week fantasy fans across New York City have been able to trade in comfortable leather upholstery for a more glorious experience, with Uber taxi drivers letting them order the Iron Throne from Game of Thrones.

You read that right. Normally reserved for the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms, standards appear to be slipping as they’re even allowing NYCFC fans to take a seat.

For six hours today and tomorrow, the throne will be transported around Manhattan for fans to pose for a photo.

There’s also the option of trading the throne in for a 30-minute pedicab ride for two, but who would want to do that. Come on guys, it’s a f**king throne.

It’s safe to say these guys agreed…