TikToker 'debunks' idea Eurovision winner was taking drugs 1 year ago

TikToker 'debunks' idea Eurovision winner was taking drugs

In a sentence we never thought we'd utter: art history and TikTok combine as a web-sleuthing tool. What a time to be alive

Following Eurovision 2021, there has been plenty of debate about the contest winners this year and, specifically, whether lead singer Damiano David was snorting coke off a table in the green room.


We'll admit, upon first glance as it aired on live television, it looks a bit sketchy but that's not to say there isn't an explanation and David himself has denied allegations, saying he will take a voluntary drug test to prove his innocence.

However, according to someone in TikTok, that won't be necessary as she believes her degree in Renaissance art history proves that the Eurovision winner is not guilty of said illicit substance abuse.

@_theiconoclassMe if the test comes back positive: ? @imaneskin ##eurovisionitaly ##eurovision ##eurovision2021 ##arthistorytiktok ##maneskin ##renaissance♬ ZITTI E BUONI - Måneskin

In case it needed saying, we are not art historians, nor are we experts on perspective, videography or Måneskin themselves, therefore, we're going to let Mary McGillivray do the explaining for us.

Put in as simplest terms as possible, the position in which the table is sitting appears to be much lower than where David's head would be were he sniffing cocaine off it. McGillivray also goes into detail regarding the fact that the singer was wearing five-inch high heels, which is why his knees appear much higher than other bandmates whose leg placements have been questioned.

As Mary says herself, she is putting her "art history rep on the line" and jokes, "I will die on this hill" - we can't think of a better way to use your degree.


Better still, whether the evidence is absolutely concrete or not, people tend to agree with her or, at least, find it an utterly wonderful way to put three years of uni into good use:

So, does this disprove that the lead singer and Eurovision winner is innocent was, indeed, just looking at some broken glass below his feet? Well, until someone comes forth with any further, more compelling scientific evidence, TikTok holds the supposed 'truth'.