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10th May 2018

This incredible Justin Timberlake-based Million Pound Drop fail is going viral

Wil Jones

The Million Pound Drop first aired back in 2010.

It’s made a return to our screens this week, but with a twist – it is now a daytime quiz, and the prize has been cut by 90%. So it has now been renamed The £100K Drop.

The show has already given us one viral moment, with a hilarious question about Piers Morgan being asked this week. But this old clip from the Million Pound incarnation has gone viral.

Contestants Gareth and Alex were given this question:

Justin Timberlake was give an award in October this year for helping to protect what?

The four options were: Friends with benefits, Trouser snakes, the environment, or Sexy backs.

For some reason, they staked all their cash on Friends with benefits.

Oh dear.