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17th Jul 2017

There’s a very simple explanation to the ‘imposter’ spotted in Gabby’s bed on Love Island

Panic over...


As you were.

Love Island, despite what angry people on Facebook tell us, continues to be something too many people in this country care about.

With this in mind, we’ve seen fit to explain the big mystery of Sunday night’s episode.

It came after this footage showed Gabby lying in bed next to a man many viewers believed not to be boyfriend, Marcel.

For many that have followed the show in recent weeks, suggestions that Gabby and Marcel’s three-week relationship isn’t quite as destined-for-marriage as was originally assumed have been difficult to take. Understandably so, people want answers.

Thankfully, it seems such answers have already arrived.

In actual fact, there was no imposter at all. The man lying next to Gabby was Marcel (of course it was).

The Mirror were able to shine a light on this, claiming the night vision cameras were responsible for many viewers mistakenly believing Gabby was sharing a bed with someone other than her boyfriend.

According to them, the night vision had made the tattoo on Marcel’s right forearm stand out more. With his arm behind his head, it gave the appearance that he had long hair – prompting many to mistakenly believe this was someone else.

Panic over everyone, the wedding is still on.


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