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10th Aug 2015

The way you watch Netflix will change forever with this fantastic new plug-in…

Amazing wizardry...


Netflix has changed the way that people watch TV – but this new feature could change the way we watch Netflix. Forever.

A new Google Chrome extension called Showgoers allows you to sync up your stream with someone else’s so you can watch TV together at the same time.

Finally, no more waiting around for your partner to get back from their work trip so you can finish the new season of Orange is the New Black together.


While the plug-in isn’t affiliated with Netflix, it’s simple to use…

First, you go to the Showgoers website and click the “Install Showgoers” button, which will direct you to the Google Chrome store.

Once downloaded, you’ll notice a pair of 3D glasses on the top right hand corner of your browser like so:

3d Netflix

Once you click on the glasses, this message will appear.

Netflix Link Sync

Then you just send this unique URL to your viewing buddy (who needs to also have Showgoers installed) and enjoy the film. Amazing!

H/T TechInsider