Creepy Marge Simpson is viral artist's latest 'lifelike' recreation that will keep us up all night 1 year ago

Creepy Marge Simpson is viral artist's latest 'lifelike' recreation that will keep us up all night

Part of us wishes Miguel Vasquez wasn't such a pro at bringing cartoon characters to 3D reality

Many Simpsons fans have wondered what their favourite cartoon family would look like without their iconic yellow hue, but one artist's "realistic" impression may leave those people regretting even asking.

Miguel Vasquez is the man responsible for turning Spongebob Squarepants, Hey Arnold! and Ed, Edd n Eddy into 3D with a helpful trip down the uncanny valley, and now he's turned his hand to the Simpsons.

Homer had already been given the real life treatment but now Marge has joined him, and it will take a while to get the image of them together out of your head.

Vasquez tells JOE that he didn't always create creepy shit, but he been encouraged by the response to his more recent viral creations.

"My 3D designs weren’t as creepy as they are right now, they were just prefig character models. Someone mentioned about me doing Spongebob and Patrick, they were the first original designs I made," he said.

"And once I saw the reception from the internet I figured I could make, not a career although I do make money out of it, I can make a living or a hobby out of it, out of something I do enjoy.

"After Spongebob went viral, I started to pursue more popular cartoon characters.”

Vasquez hopes to turn his skills into a full-blown career in animation, although Pixar may ask he tone down those creepy, creepy eyes.

“It ranges from personalised sculptures, digitally sculpted and I send the clients a file for them to 3D print," he continued. "I’ve also been offered an advertisement for Adult Swim, so stuff like that.

"I just do freelance work from home so that’s why I wouldn’t say career as yet. I’m still a young person, so hopefully years from now I’ll make a great career out of it.”