The JOE Friday Pub Quiz: Week 27 4 years ago

The JOE Friday Pub Quiz: Week 27

When I say 'pub', you say 'quiz'. Pub! ... Pub! ...

Okay, that normally works better in real life where I can actually hear people responding. I say 'normally', no one's actually said it back to me yet, but I've only really tried it out on the bus so far. It's not going well, I'll be honest.


This week we're bringing you the JOE Friday Pub Quiz in association with Prostate Cancer UK, helping them to raise awareness of the most common cancer in men. This Sunday March 5 they're holding the World’s Biggest Pub Quiz to raise money to help tackle prostate cancer, so check it out and get involved!

Now for the quiz. We're starting off with a round on iconic comedy moments, followed by 'Football by numbers', then we'll test your French language skills. We've got a picture round on famous moustaches, then a round of hit singles to finish off with.

Ready to beat your mates? Hungry for the big 25/25? Of course you are. Let's quiz.