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29th Jan 2022

The internet is losing it over Rebel Wilson’s incredible weight loss

Danny Jones

Rebel Wilson weight loss transformation

Quite the transformation

Actor Rebel Wilson has been on a weight-loss journey for some time now and while many may have noticed a gradual weight loss over time, large parts of the internet seem to have just lost their mind at some of her recent photos.

After realizing that work commitments had long meant that she wasn’t in the best place physically, the 41-year-old Australian comedy star, writer and producer declared 2020 her “year of health”.

Chipping away at her goals bit by bit, Wilson latest social media posts show just how remarkable a transformation she’s made:

“Rebel Rising” indeed.

That being said, fans on social media have been blown away by said raise and now firmly staining the Pitch Perfect star:

Wilson has lost nearly more than six stone (77lbs or 35 kilos) since she began her weight loss journey in 2020 and now weighs less than 12st. Well in, Rebel.

This particular account summed up her transformation pretty perfectly:

Wilson credited her impressive progress to implementing a healthier diet, regular exercise and, most crucially she says, walking for an hour every day.

Even fellow Aussie and actress Olivia Newton-John took to Twitter to toast her health and newfound love for physical fitness:

Rebel even went on to reveal that her team “didn’t want her to lose weight” because she had already been “earning millions of dollars being the funny fat girl” for years.

We can only applaud her for her commitment to getting fit and healthy for herself and nobody else, especially when facing up against such negative obstacles within her own circle.

We’re body positive here at JOE but we can only hope Rebel’s incredible weight loss serves as inspiration for others to try and be more healthy in 2022. Even if not, we won’t judge – the stan culture alone is quality content either way.

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