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11th Nov 2017

Rebel Wilson shares her own experiences of sexual harassment in the film industry

"I've told hundreds of people in the industry the story in more graphic detail basically to warn them off this individual"


Rebel Wilson has used a string of tweets to share her own experiences of alleged sexual harassment in the film industry.

Posted on Saturday, the actress and comedian gave details of how an unnamed ‘male star’ repeatedly asked her to perform a sex act on him while several of his male friends attempted to record it on their phones. She explains that she had refused and eventually left the room.

Having reported the incident to her agent and legal representatives, she continued to explain how the star’s representatives ‘threatened’ her to be nice to the individual. Describing it as ‘disgusting’, Wilson adds that she urged others working in the industry to steer clear of the person allegedly responsible.

Wilson also gave details of how she also had an ‘encounter’ with an unnamed director in a hotel room, appearing to suggest a phone call from his wife prevented anything physical from happening.

Acknowledging that her own experiences ‘aren’t as horrific’ as those of others, she goes on to stress how saddened she is at hearing that sexual harassment and assault is so prevalent.