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27th May 2020

The Simpsons prediction the world doesn’t know about

Wayne Farry

simpsons prediction

You already know how accurate The Simpsons is at predicting the future

Donald Trump being elected, a major pandemic, smart watches, Nobel prize winners… all of these things were actually in the show.

Some are valid – in the March 19, 2000 episode ‘Bart To The Future’, Lisa is president of the US, and mentions inheriting a mess from ‘President Trump’. But the truth is that Trump was actually in the middle of a third-party run for president at the time.

But there is one Simpsons prediction that few people know about. The episode in question is ‘Homer at Bat’, episode 17 of season three which aired on 20 February 1992

Mr. Burns recruits baseball superstars to help the power plant team win a competition. One of the most popular and quoted lines from this classic episode is when Burns repeatedly tells Yankees player Don Mattingly to cut his sideburns.

You probably laughed as a child, but being in the UK, didn’t actually get the joke. Turns out it was actually one of The Simpsons most incredible predictions ever.