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23rd Mar 2022

Peaky Blinders glitch spoiled season 6 storyline for viewers

Charlie Herbert

Warning: Spoilers ahead

Right in the middle of an intense scene, many experienced a glitch

Thousands of Peaky Blinders fans were left confused on Sunday night when a technical glitch interrupted a crucial scene in the latest episode.

Episode four of series six sees Tommy and his family deal with the fallout from Ruby’s tragic death, and this involved one important scene between Tommy and his brother Arthur, as the pair continue to spiral out of control.

It saw the two brothers reflect on their lives together, with a drunk Arthur slowly waiting for a cup to fill with wine, whilst Tommy reflects on how his older brother has always looked out for him and the family his entire life.

Tommy then takes his first sip of alcohol in four years.

The glitch interrupted an emotional conversation between the two brother, who seem to be at their lowest point (BBC)

Tommy reflects on why Arthur is the way he is, remembering when they fought over cigarettes as young boys. Tommy says how he won the fight despite being 9 and Arthur being 12, concluding that all his life Arthur has wanted his little brother “to win.”

It was as Tommy tells this tale that the scene repeatedly froze for many viewers at home though, causing them to miss crucial parts of the conversation.

As a result, the scene didn’t carry the same intensity and emotional weight.

Angry fans took to Twitter to express their annoyance at the emotional scene being ruined for them.

One complained: “Well, I just missed half of that. What was that glitch? #PeakyBlinders”.

Another said: “Bro what is BBC one doing my tv just turned off out of nowhere”

A third asked: “Anyone else’s tv going mad??”

Some dissatisfied fans gave a more scathing reaction to the glitch though, saying it was “the most exciting thing so far” in the series.

Not everyone was hit by the glitch though, and for many the scene still had the emotional weight and significance that it was intended to, providing a crucial moment in Tommy and Arthur’s tumultuous relationship.

The full scene and episode is available to watch on BBC iPlayer. With just two episodes to go of the sixth and final series, there is a huge amount to be wrapped up.

Episode four finished with the shocking revelation that Tommy has just 12 to 18 months to live because of a tumour in his head.

This was along with the bombshell that the Peaky Blinders boss has a secret son.

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