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21st Mar 2022

Top Boy’s controversial ‘but confusing’ season ending perfectly explained by Kano

Kieran Galpin


‘He’s questioning a lot’

Just as Top Boy’s finale has the nation gripped – and equally bewildered – frontman Kane Robinson has detailed the controversial ending in the best way he can, unpacking its main impact on the story moving forward.

Fan reaction to the last few episodes of the hit Netflix crime drama was nothing if not consistent. Although while the entertainment factor was certainly there, fans were quickly bewildered by its climactic final moments – with one viewer saying they were actually pretty “P***ed off.”

The ending was confusing mostly because audiences aren’t mind readers and can’t see inside the heads of the show’s main characters. Luckily however Kane Robinson – known for playing Top Boy‘s Sully and also famed under his rapper alias Kano – has cleared things up in an interview with Digital Spy.

Robinson appeared alongside his cast-mate and fellow rapper Ashley Walters, who portrays drug kingpin Dushane Hill.

“Sully finds himself at a crossroads, really,” the 36-year-old actor told Digital Spy’s Janet Leigh and Dan Seddon.”Well, not a crossroads. But he’s trying to work out his place in his life. Where does he belong within this? You know, if it’s not with Dushane, and it’s not dealing every day?”

He continued: “He’s on the outskirts but he still wants a piece of the action in terms of the money. But does he really want to leave the streets? Does he really want to be there for his kid? I think he wants all those things but he doesn’t know how. So, he’s questioning a lot.

“He’s a bit lost at the minute. Yes, he gets dragged back in. He gets dragged back in by trying to help someone, you know? He tries to help Pebbles [Erin Kellyman], and that one thing leads to another, and he’s back in it again.”

Robinson’s words should hopefully quell the hordes of Twitter, where one user commented: “wtf was that top boy finale?”

Another said: “Top boy was really out of pocket for the season finale. That shit was uncalled for.”

However despite the fan reaction being erm, passionate – to put it mildly – the show was a smash hit with the critics. Giving Top Boy four stars, The Guardian‘s Ellen Jones wrote: “It’s at its peak – and not moving from that spot.”

Ali Shutler for NME dubbed the Netflix hit a “high quality crime drama with a humanist core.”

They added: “A decade after it first aired, there’s still not another show like Top Boy.”

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