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04th Dec 2023

Sylvester Stallone receives keys to the city of Philadelphia on ‘Rocky Day’

Charlie Herbert

Sylvester Stallone given the keys to Phildelphia

The actor has been honoured by the birthplace of Rocky

Sylvester Stallone has been given the keys to Philadelphia on the 47th anniversary of Rocky.

Arguably his most famous role, Stallone played Rocky Balboa in the 1976 film, which is set in Philadelphia.

Stallone went on to reprise the role in five sequels and the Creed films.

To honour the iconic role, Philadelphia have now given the 77-year-old the keys to the city.


In a ceremony on Sunday, December 3 – which is the day the first film in the franchise was released and has become known as ‘Rocky Day’ – Stallone received a key to the city and opened the Rocky Shop.

Local media organisation WHYY News reports that the event took place near the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, which Rocky famously runs up in the film and where a statue of the fictional boxer stands.

Speaking to the crowd that had gathered for the event, Stallone said: “You get to the top, you feel inspired, you feel special, hopeful, happy, and most of all, proud of yourself.

“Life is a fight. It’s a tough fight and get ready. You’re going to win some and you’re gonna lose a lot.

Stallone alongside the statue of Rocky in Philadelphia (Getty)

“But the real victory is in never giving up and going the distance for yourself, your loved ones, and standing at the top of these steps you’re reminded that all things are possible. Keep punching.”

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