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21st Dec 2018

Was Rocky right to eat raw eggs? Here’s what the science says

Your body absorbs more protein from cooked eggs than it does raw eggs. Rocky was a champ, but his training regime was better evidence of his dedication

Alex Roberts

Good nutrition is an essential aspect of preparing for a fight – but there’s one mistake in the movies you should be careful not to make

No one can criticise Rocky for much, but his willingness to wolf down raw eggs wasn’t Sylvester Stallone’s best move.

As eggs are one of the most potent sources of protein available, it’s best to make the most of them.

Eggs contain all nine essential amino acids (EAAs), therefore making them hugely useful for a variety of goals:

  • Muscle building
  • Fat loss
  • General health and wellbeing

When you consume raw eggs, your body only makes use of 50% of the protein. Eating cooked eggs sees 90% of the protein absorbed.

Raw Eggs

Does eating raw eggs mean you’re more dedicated?

There’s no doubt Rocky was a champ. Despite how difficult it may be to sink a glass of raw eggs, an intense and progressively-challenging training regime is a better example of his work ethic and drive.

It arguably takes more dedication to get up earlier and prepare a good plate of scrambled eggs than it does to quickly knock them back raw.

Although the dangers of contracting salmonella are nowadays quite low, eating raw eggs is still riskier than cooking them.

Look for the lion symbol on UK eggs as a seal of approval.

Rocky’s weight training and cardio were the real reasons he was ring-ready.

Don’t throw out the yolk

Consuming eggs in their raw form is not the only mistake made when it comes to this food. Ever heard how some throw away the yolks?

This idea stems from an old belief that eating fats makes you fat. Famous fitness YouTubers such as Scooby1961 echoed this misconception, which did little to help the cause.

Yolks are essentially a healthy fat bomb, rich in many vital vitamins and nutrients. They have high levels of carotenoids, which can aid your eye health. Egg yolks are also high in choline – an essential nutrient for general health.

Another common myth is that eggs cause unhealthy spikes in cholesterol. Eggs can increase cholesterol in some people, and not in others. Genetics and individual response play a huge role.

In otherwise healthy people, eating eggs did not increase the risk of heart disease – even if there was a slight increase in cholesterol levels.

Don’t believe the myths. You’ll only end up with egg on your face.

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