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09th May 2023

Report suggests Grand Theft Auto 6 will be the most expensive game ever made

Rory Cashin

Grand theft auto 6

That is a SPICY meatball.

The new Grand Theft Auto game could be about to join the vertiginous ranks of some of the most expensive games ever made.

At the time of writing, those five most expensive games are: Final Fantasy VII ($145 million), Call of Duty 2: Modern Warfare ($250 million), Cyberpunk 2077 ($316 million), Destiny ($500 million) and Star Citizen ($543 million).

Grand Theft Auto VI could potentially blow all of these out of the water, as reported by Gamerficial, per the posting by popular GTA YouTuber INTER, it looks like GTA6 could end up being the single most expensive video game ever made.

As per that report: “This new instalment could become the most expensive video game ever made, possibly reaching over one billion dollars in total costs. This claim is based on a combination of development, marketing, and other expenditures associated with the game’s release.”

“The game’s development budget alone is reportedly at least 250 million dollars. This number could soar even higher when factoring in the extensive marketing, promotion, and other related expenses.”

This September will mark the 10-year anniversary since the release of Grand Theft Auto V, and in that full decade since the previous instalment, developers Rockstar Games have kept themselves somewhat busy between GTA Online and 2018’s Red Dead Redemption 2.

Fans have been left waiting for any kind of official announcement, with the closest to an official release date being a report stating that the game is unlikely to arrive before mid-2024. So maybe don’t your breath for it just yet…

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