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22nd Apr 2023

Gamers call for ‘unsettling’ new shooter game to be censored for being too realistic

Callum Boyle

Some have complained that it glorifies police brutality

Gamers have called for a new, “unsettling” shooter game to be “heavily modified” for younger players as they believe it is too realistic.

Studio Drama recently released the first trailer for their upcoming first-person shooter game: Unrecord.

The game is a single-player format that tells the story of a police officer through the eyes of his body camera.

In the trailer, the officer can be seen heading towards an abandoned building before checking his weapon and heading into the scene of the crime.

While walking, the officer can hear others and eventually kills seven people deemed as armed suspects. He is also met by an explosion when discovering an interrogation room.

Although some have praised the graphics for looking so realistic, others have condemned the trailer and called for action to be taken.

Twitch streamer Trainwreck said: “I’m going to get a lot of hate for this – but this level of realism in video games should be heavily moderated in *shooters* for anyone *under a certain age*, I hope parents do their job.

“This level of realism for shooting and killing makes *me* feel uncomfortable as if I’m watching a real leak from a military or police operation.”

He added: “The clear distinction between real & fake is necessary, but this level of realism, in my opinion, gives real credibility to the nonsense politicians have been spewing for years about video games conditioning young people to lose a sense of empathy toward violent tendencies or situations.”

Another meanwhile claimed that the game could encourage people to act violently towards the police.

“Some of y’all are way too excited for this photorealistic police brutality simulator,” someone wrote.

Studio Drama also addressed the concerns and “understands” that people could find the game “disturbing.” They also confirmed that the game was still in the pre-production stage and that no release date has been set as of yet.

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