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04th Jul 2017

Pony’s perfectly times poop leaves Holly Willoughby in stitches

Anything can happen on live television


Much props to the comedic timing of this pony.

During a live segment on ITV’s This Morning on Tuesday, television’s giggliest presenters interviewed some handlers of guide ponies on air.

Three ponies joined Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield on set, while their handlers bigged up the equine alternatives to guide dogs but the interview was cut short when one of the animals decided to respond to a question from Schofield with a pungent, but perfectly timed, answer.

“A guide dog is unlikely to poo on the kitchen floor,” Schofield started. “Are they house trained or can they be house trained?”

Cue several lumps of pony poo plopping onto the carpet and an absolutely unnecessary zoom in on the pile.

We’ve seen Willoughby erupt into fits of laughter at a lot less in the past so this was always going to get to her.

Tears streamed down her face as she proclaimed the accident “my favourite thing I’ve ever seen.”

Later on in the show, pop star Olly Murs took to the sofa and referenced the earlier incident by dropping trou and pretending as if he was about follow in the the footsteps of the pony, who was named Monet.

Well he certainly left quite the masterpiece for the crew to clean up.