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14th Aug 2015

Pharrell Williams looks to the stars for his rider…

To be Happy, Pharrell needs...


Like most superstars, Pharrell Williams is very specific when it comes to his backstage demands.

On his latest tour, the former N.E.R.D frontman has been asking for a “framed photograph of late astronomer Carl Sagan”.


Sagan is the pioneering astrophysicist who wrote papers on the existence of aliens and his research was crucial to the surface mapping of Venus.

The Smoking Gun obtained a copy of Pharrell’s rider, which as well as Carl Sagan included:

 12 cans of “super cold soda”,

– a litre of Silver Patron Tequila,

– a bottle of Kettle One vodka,

– a case of alkaline water,

– a box of Nilla Wafers biscuits,

– Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion, 

– fresh ginger root, a jar of grape jam and one loaf of gluten-free bread.

The paperwork also states Pharrell follows the Atkins Diet – famous for being low in carbohydrates – and needs his food “to be specifically cooked for him on a daily basis at the venues”.

Pharrell also requires that all advertisements inside the venue must be removed or covered because neither he or his music is responsible for “hawking pizza or the local ambulance chaser”.