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31st Mar 2022

People are seriously getting tattoos of Will Smith slapping Chris Rock

Danny Jones

Tattoos of Will Smith slapping Chris Rock

The internet remains undefeated

In case you thought you’d read every manner of Oscars headline you could have imagined in the past few days, we’re here to inform you that not someone decided to get a tattoo of Will Smith slapping Chris Rock.

In fact, multiple people have done so.

Why? Don’t know really, presumably for just sh*ts and giggles and, to be fair, they are both amusing and impressive.

As you can see in this first example done by Italian tattoo artist Giovanni Bracciodieta, he even went so far as to add motion lines to demonstrate the slap heard around the world.

As he put so succinctly in the caption, the piece is pretty much the meme of 2022 (so far – we’ve got a ways to go yet).

However it doesn’t stop there. They get better…

The production levels on this one are insane. A light show and a dubby electronic remix to boot? Flawless.

This one was done by New Jersey tattooist, Oscar Aguilar Jr, crediting @tattoo4light with the video edit and @thatdude809 with a soundtrack that genuinely slaps – pardon the pun.

In case you hadn’t noticed, while many feel the situation needs to be looked at more seriously – some suggesting Smith should have his award taken away from him and others suggesting he should have been arrested and sued – others online are having a lot of fun with it.

The moment recreated as a Pokémon battle, you say? Oh, go on then.

While fellow comedian Amy Schumer said she was left “traumatised” by the slap, Canadian comic Katherine Ryan simply said, “Can’t take a joke, stay home.”

This one isn’t going to die down for a while, is it?

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