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31st Mar 2022

Unseen Oscars clip shows exactly how Jada reacted to Will slapping Chris Rock

Danny Jones

How Jada reacted after Chris Rock joke

The new angle tells a slightly different story

A new angle capturing the moments following Will Smith‘s slapping of Chris Rock shows exactly how his wife Jada Pinkett Smith reacted to the joke and the now-infamous on-stage moment.

Turns out, she laughed.

The clip itself has been shared thousands of times across TikTok and other social media outlets, including by actor Michael Rapaport, who simply captioned it, “This is FCKED UP”, as Pinkett-Smith can be seen leaning forward and laughing in her seat.

As you can see, while the world at large might have been flagging her distinct eye roll following Rock’s “G.I. Jane 2” punchline – one that even Will laughed at before clocking his wife’s face – her reaction after the slap seems to suggest that she did laugh at the joke.

Either that or the slap and Rock’s quick response proved to be an amusing twist after a period of discomfort.

Though Pinkett Smith has discussed her struggles with alopecia openly many times before and plenty jumped to her defence – stating that Rock targeting a health condition was in “bad taste” – she has previously said in interviews that she doesn’t care what people think about her hair loss and baldness.

Rapaport also shared a previously recorded clip that caught Rock’s extended reaction after the incident, as the 57-year-old stands there in apparent disbelief at what has just transpired:

Smith was reportedly asked to leave the ceremony but refused, with many questioning not only how he was able to remain in the building but step up on stage again to accept the award for Best Actor.

What do we think? Did the whole thing get lost in translation and could it have been avoided had those involved made their true feelings known more clearly?

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