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30th Mar 2022

Katherine Ryan says Will Smith should have stayed at home if he struggles to handle a joke

April Curtin

Katherine Ryan (Getty)

‘Can’t take a joke, stay home,’ the comedian said

Katherine Ryan is the latest in a string of celebrities calling out Will Smith for his now-infamous slapping of comedian Chris Rock at the Oscars.

Even if you didn’t watch the ceremony on Sunday night, you will have likely seen the moment Smith hit the presenter on stage, with videos exploding across social media within minutes.

The incident came after Rock made a joke about Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett Smith, referring to her as “GI Jane” in reference to her shaved head. Pinkett Smith has alopecia – a condition that causes hair loss – and has been open with the world about her diagnosis.

In the days that have followed, a lot of stars have criticised the Fresh Prince of Bell Air star’s actions, including the likes of Zoë Kravitz and Amy Schumer.

SOUTHWOLD, ENGLAND - JULY 20: Katherine Ryan perform on stage during Latitude Festival 2019 at Henham Park on July 20, 2019 in Southwold, England. (Photo by Carla Speight/Getty Images)

Taking to social media, Ryan started conversations with her followers on Instagram and later posted these onto her stories.

In a screenshot shared to Ryan’s account, one fan wrote: “I don’t condone what he did, violence is never the answer but just because Chris is a ‘comedian’, it means Will has to sit and watch his wife be insulted? Chris shouldn’t have said it, Will shouldn’t have hit him.”

Ryan shot back: “Yes, he has to sit and watch his wife be insulted, yes that’s the point of the celeb monologue.

“Can’t take a joke, stay home,” she added.

Katherine shared the screenshots on her Instagram story (Credit: @kathbum)

Another fan focused on the politics of Rock’s joke, writing: “I felt the same initially about Smith (get back in your box, dude) but the focus on the slap itself and not the humiliation of a Black woman with a condition on a world stage surely isn’t being given enough focus?”

Ryan responded: “Yes I know and maybe you don’t know that CHRIS ROCK MADE AN ENTIRE DOCUMENTARY CALLED GOOD HAIR.””

Katherine shared the screenshots on her Instagram story (Credit: @kathbum)

In 2009, Rock made a documentary about the importance of hair in Black culture – interviewing celebrities including Raven Symone and Ice-T.

However sources have claimed Rock did not know Pinkett Smith had alopecia when he made the remark on Sunday night.

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