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07th Oct 2018

Over the past few years Jedward hit the gym and got six-packs


They’ve hit the gym and they’re not the skinny duo you might remember

Tell you what my favourite thing about Christmas is, going back home and seeing how much all the people you went to school with have changed.

Obviously, you notice the usual stuff that happens with time – hairlines receded, babies born – but one trend I picked up at The Travellers this Christmas Eve was that there’s always a couple of blokes you used to knock about with that have developed a serious creatine addiction and got absolutely ripped over last 365 days.

And the thing about it is, it’s almost always the ones you least expected.

I mean, sure, the guys who were into lifting weights in sixth form have usually kept up with it, but then you’ll have little Jimmy, the guy who sat behind you in double maths in year nine and barely said a word all year, who’s now up on karaoke singing ‘Little Saint Nick’, arms bursting through his t-shirt, looking like an absolute tank.

And Jedward were a bit like that a few years ago, I suppose. I mean sure they had a lot to say, but there was a perception of them – rightly or wrongly – as a pair of dweebs. They were a bit of a laughing stock.

But when you see these recent pictures of them you won’t be laughing anymore. In fact, they’ll have you thinking that you need to get back in the gym yourself. Because – this is not a drill – they have now got six-packs.

Just take a look:

This is 2018, Neil from Art Attack is in a heavy metal band, the girl from Lazy Town has an occupational therapy degree and Jedward are now shredded – get into that cocoon young caterpillar, become the person you’ve always wanted to be.