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28th Aug 2018

Art Attack presenter Neil Buchanan is now in a metal band and looks unrecognisable

Get some hairspray and try it yourself

Oli Dugmore

Get some hairspray and try it yourself

90s icon Neil Buchanan is best known for his presenting role on hit children’s show Art Attack but, it turns out, he also shreds guitar in a heavy metal band.

Admittedly Art Attack had a jaunty intro – “This is an art attack! This is an art attack! This is… Art Attack!” – but you wouldn’t necessarily equate the brass instrument and electro mash up with the metal genre.

Buchanan has returned to his old band, Marseille, after a 30-year hiatus that included a sojourn in children’s television.

Here is the video evidence.

And another:

Playing lead guitar, song writing and maybe using PVA glue to set his hair.

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