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02nd Apr 2015

Man on Jeremy Kyle says he caught chlamydia from a car

Likely story


He must have exhaust-ed all other excuses.

An angry female guest on today’s Jeremy Kyle show claimed her ex-boyfriend told her he caught the sexually transmitted infection chlamydia from a car.

Yep, you read that right.

The guest in question, Sophie, appeared on the show at the request of her ex-boyfriend Stuart in an effort to settle differences over access to their children.

Bizarrely for The Jeremy Kyle Show, the conversation between the two guests soon turned into a full-on argument when both Sophie and Stuart accused the other of giving them chlamydia.


Stuart (above left) and Sophie (below) exchanged insults on Jeremy Kyle (Pics via ITV)


That’s when Sophie’s mother Kathleen jumped in to play her trump card.

“He said he caught chlamydia from the car”, Kathleen shouted.

Kyle, bewildered as anyone would be in such a situation, responded by asking Stuart, “You caught chlamydia from an exhaust pipe?”, a question which was met with no denial.

According to Sophie’s brother Thomas, Stuart also told Sophie’s family that he was a paramedic and a karate expert.

Stuart subsequently admitted that both claims were false, although it’s fair to say those are not the revelations he should be most embarrassed about right now.

Forget Stuart, how does the car feel about all of this?

H/T Daily Star