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31st Jul 2017

Love Island’s Kem and Amber reveal ‘big announcement’ on Good Morning Britain

Slightly disappointing, to be honest


Thought that the end of this year’s Love Island would be pretty much the last you’d hear of its contestants? Think again, dear reader, think again.

As well as winning the show and banking themselves a tidy £50,000 in prize money for doing so, Kem and Amber aren’t content with sliding away into obscurity just yet.

Instead of making a couple of inevitable appearances at Freshers’ Week club nights in September and being largely forgotten by the time next summer rolls around, they were on Monday morning’s Good Morning Britain to announce their extremely exciting new gig.

Teased by Eamonn Holmes as a ‘big announcement’, Kem initially joked that the pair would be replacing Piers Morgan as one of the ITV breakfast show’s lead presenters. Having swiftly clarified that this was a joke, he then explained that the pair would be standing in as the show’s Entertainment and Showbiz correspondents for an entire week.

The Kember takeover will take place during the last week of August and, who knows, might just pave the way for something a little more permanent later down the line.