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13th Jun 2022

Love Island: Liam’s reaction to finding out Gemma’s dad is Michael Owen is priceless

Kieran Galpin

Maybe he can get an autograph for his shirt

Love Island‘s Liam was in for a surprise after ITV producers told him who Gemma Owen’s famous dad is – and his reaction was just as expected.

While it’s common knowledge that Gemma, 19, is the daughter of footballer Michael Owen, the rest of the villa are none the wiser. Despite Gemma dropping numerous hints, the rest of this year’s contestants literally don’t have a clue.

That was until Liam Llewellyn, 22, shocked the nation with his choice to exit the villa, citing that he hasn’t “been himself” since arriving. After his exit, Liam appeared on Aftersun on June 12, where producers revealed that the girl he was cosying up to is actually Michael Owen’s daughter.

Yeah, that Michael Owen.

“I can’t believe who that actually was,” he laughed. “That’s mad. I’m a Newcastle United fan. I actually have one of his tops when he came to the club.”

He added: “That first night, we were chatting about football and her family. I was so close. I can’t believe I didn’t quite work it out.”

Fingers crossed the man himself responds to Liam, as he might be able to bag an autograph for his shirt.


Michael has been fairly vocal on Twitter since his daughter jetted off for sun, snogs and that yummy cash price, having slammed the press for their “inaccurate pile of rubbish” posted following Gemma’s debut on the show.

Replying to an article on Twitter that essentially lined up all his past mistakes, the former pro wrote: “Wow! What an inaccurate pile of rubbish. Pathetic.”

In another tweet, this time underneath a Telegraph article, he said: “And the ‘everybody abuse Michael Owen’ theme of last week continues…….”

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