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01st Jun 2022

Michael Owen ‘trusts’ daughter Gemma not have sex in Love Island villa

Steve Hopkins

‘Gem, remember to keep it classy’

Michael Owen is supportive of his daughter Gemma Owen’s decision to go on Love Island but trusts her not to do anything to embarrass the family – like having sex on the show.

The 19-year-old international dressage rider and business owner told the Mirror that her dad – a former England footballer – wasn’t impressed with her decision to appear on the ITV show, but was “pretty chilled” about it in the end.

“I still wouldn’t say he was buzzing about the fact, but he is very supportive in whatever I decide to do so he didn’t have a massive tantrum or anything like that. He was pretty chilled,” the teen said about her going on the show that starts 9pm Monday.

Also speaking about her mum Louise’s thoughts, she added: “They trust me not to do anything to embarrass them, so I don’t think I would have sex in the villa.”

Gemma went on to say: “[My dad] said, ‘You know how to behave. You just go and do it’. My mum’s bit of advice was, ‘Gem, remember to keep it classy’.”

The teen said her famous dad had given her tips on how to deal with the instant rise to fame that the show usually generates for its participants.

Owen is said to have previously warned his daughter to stay away from footballers, and although Gemma said that made her “wary” of dating them, she believes her dad would secretly be “quite happy because he’d have something in common with them”.

Gemma told the publication she won’t hide her famous family from her fellow Love Islanders, but won’t brag about it either.

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