Love Island viewers shocked by age difference between Gemma and ex-boyfriend Jacques 2 months ago

Love Island viewers shocked by age difference between Gemma and ex-boyfriend Jacques

'Have none of them done the math on Jacques and Gemma’s relationship timeline?'

Love Island viewers have been left shocked by the age gap between Gemma Owen and one of her ex-boyfriend's, who entered the villa on Sunday.

Last week, it was revealed that professional rugby league player Jacques O'Neill had been released from his contract with Castleford Tigers to appear on the ITV2 show.

His entrance into the villa was made even more dramatic by the fact he and Gemma had dated previously, going out for eight months until they broke up a year and a half ago.

Gemma is the youngest contestant in this year's series at the age of 19, whilst Jacques is 23.

But a number of viewers quickly did the maths on the pair's relationship history and worked out that Gemma must have started dating Jacques when she was 16 and he was 20.

One person tweeted: “Gemma just turned 19 and broke up with this man 1.5 years ago when she was 17 and a half. She dated him for 8 months which mean she started dating this man at 16 when he was 20??????"

Someone else questioned why none of the other islanders had "done the math on Jacques and Gemma's relationship timeline?"

Another wondered whether this was the first time Jacques was "speaking to Gemma over the age of 18."

And comedian Michael Fry joked: "Must be weird for Jacques. He hasn’t seen Gemma since she was a child."

It's not the first time Gemma's age has caused issues for fans of the dating show.

Earlier in the series, viewers voiced their disapproval at Gemma coupling up with 27-year-old Davide, with some suggesting there should be a minimum age requirement for contestants to appear on the show.

Love Island continues on ITV2 at 9pm every night except Saturdays.

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