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26th Mar 2017

Lots of viewers are saying the same thing about the new Top Gear

...and it's not good for the show's previous hosts, either.


Replacing Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond on Top Gear was never going to be an easy task.

The show was enormously popular during the trio’s 13-year spell as its presenters, so when the time came for them to leave, it was predictable that not everyone would enjoy it quite as much with a change in personnel.

Chris Evans was one of the men tasked with filling the boots of Clarkson et al, but it soon became clear that viewers weren’t impressed. He stepped down at the end of his first and only series.

Friends star Matt LeBlanc, however, proved to be more successful. He has since returned for his second season, accompanied by motoring journalists Rory Reid and Chris Harris.

Clearly, this Top Gear is not the same show that it was back in the days of Clarkson, May and Hammond – even if much of its format remains the same. But with another episode aired on Sunday night, it seems many of those watching are starting to warm to the show’s new look.

Not only do viewers seem to be keen on the latest Top Gear revamp, there’s also a good view going as far as saying that they prefer it to The Grand Tour – Clarkson, May and Hammond’s new(ish) car show for Amazon Prime.