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05th Dec 2016

Lord Sugar may have accidentally given away the winner of The Apprentice

He didn't think this through.


The Apprentice might be pre-recorded, but everything about the BBC show is kept under wraps until the final airs.

Every single person working on the programme is required to keep schtum in order to make sure the identity of the winner remains a secret until the public all find out at the same time.

However, while the show’s creators can keep staff and contestents in check with non-disclosure agreements, there’s no accounting for what Lord Sugar gets up to, and the star looks to have inadvertently let slip the identity of the winner.

We won’t spoil anything for you here, but you may want to be careful when on social media in the next couple of weeks.


The Mail on Sunday report that the artist formerly known as Sir Alan decided to follow one of the remaining contestants on Twitter.

If that was a precursor to following a handful of potential business partners, we’d give him the benefit of the doubt. But it was just one. Exactly one. Who he then unfollowed, presumably after being made aware of his hiccup.

Now, it could have just been an elaborate double-bluff, but let’s remember who we’re dealing with here.

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