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02nd Nov 2023

Lil Nas X speaks out after sparking backlash for his ‘disgusting’ Halloween outfit


‘My body is not your costume’

Lil Nas X may have come up with the most offensive Halloween costume, and people were not happy about it.

The rapper showed off four separate looks for the spooky-celebration, but it was the last one that set social media alight.

The ‘Old Town Road’ performer began the evening in a lacey, white wedding-looking dress, with shin-high boots, pearls and a feather headdress before moving on to portraying the rock and roll legend Little Richard. He even uploaded a video of him lip syncing to a moment from the singer’s life.

The third outfit was a little more muted. He went as himself from a red carpet look.

But the last choice saw the performer dress up as a bloody tampon.

Lil Nas posted a video of him emerging from what appeared to be a vagina, dressed as a blood tampon, with a very long string which he dragged behind him before posing next to a lampost.

One person said: “I’m sorry Nas but this is a flop a** costume. I expected more.”

Another added: “Gay men need to stop thinking that they’re ‘one of the girls’ and get a free pass for misogyny and mocking women’s bodies.”

A third wrote: “First the fake pregnancies & now this ?? Can men stay out of our f****** business & stop joking about things that are insanely painful for women.”

Another added: “My body is not your costume.”

In typical Lil Nas fashion he’s hit back.

He told his fans: “I been silent for nearly 2 years y’all are not finna (sic) pretend to be mad about a tampon costume. Let me at least get new music out first.”

Not everyone was outraged by Lis Nas’ Halloween fit though, with one fan urging people to “redirect that anger” and not fight “against the pink tax.”

“Do you donate tampons to unhoused? Do you donate tampons and pads to prisoners? Do y’all do anything?,” the commenter asked.

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