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02nd Nov 2023

People say viral Dubai ‘Halloween drone show’ looks like skeleton pole dancing on Burj Khalifa

Charlie Herbert

Dubai drone show Halloween

Unique Halloween celebrations

People have been left stunned by a Halloween ‘drone show’ in Dubai, which involved a giant skeleton and the Burj Khalifa.

This week there were spooky celebrations across the globe to celebrate Halloween, but it looks like Dubai found a unique way to honour the day.

Footage of an incredible drone display next to the Burj Khalifa, has gone viral on social media.

The display showed a massive skeleton dancing next to the world’s tallest building, with some saying that it looked like the figure was ‘pole dancing’ on the structure.

The show appears to have been organised by the Geoscan Group, who shared a video of the display on their TikTok page.

Reacting on X, one person said the show was of a “skeleton pole dancing on the Burj Khalifa.”

Another said: “This is absolutely insane and I love it.”

A third wrote: “Dubai is DIFFERENT.”

And someone else commented: “Imagine just going for your evening stroll and you see this thing walking through your city.”

The footage even caught the attention of Elon Musk, who simply wrote: “Wow.”

But some have cast doubt on whether the display is actually real, suggesting that the whole thing is just CGI.

People questioned why only one angle of the video was available, explaining that surely someone else would have filmed it and shared it online.

They also noticed the camera panning and zooming, and the fact that no one in the crowd actually seems to be impressed by what’s apparently occurring above them.

A community note added under a video of the ‘show’ on X reads: “The speed and coordination of the drone movement, the digital zoom and blur effect, as well as the lack of any reaction from the people are strong indicators of CGI.”

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