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01st Nov 2023

Ozzy Osbourne dresses up as Kanye West for Halloween

Charlie Herbert

Ozzy Osbourne dresses up as Kanye West for Halloween

‘This is an insane crossover’

Ozzy Osbourne and his wife Sharon have left people baffled after they dressed up as Kanye West and his partner Bianca Censori for Halloween.

In September this year, Kanye and Bianca – who are rumoured to be married – were pictured strolling around Florence sporting some pretty bizarre looks.

The rapper, who likes to be known as Ye, wore a loose-fitting, all-black hoodie with some baggy trousers, whilst Censori had a nude-bodysuit on and was carrying a purple pillow across her chest.

And the Osbournes decided this was the perfect inspiration for their Halloween fancy dress this year.

The 74-year-old Black Sabbath star and his wife replicated Kanye and Bianca’s looks, and it’s safe to say they probably stood out at whatever party they were attending.

Whilst Ozzy went for the all-black look, in-keeping with his heavy metal image, Sharon decided to replicate Censori’s unique tights-and-cushion combination.


Ozzy shared a picture of him and his wife’s costumes on Instagram, where the main reactions seemed to be a mix of people impressed by the effort and others who were simply bemused and baffled.

Explaining the fancy dress to those who didn’t understand what on earth was going on, one person wrote: “For those of you confused, they’re dressed up like kanye and his wife when they were in italy getting in trouble for how they were dressing lol.”

Another said: “This is actually so funny lmao.”

Referencing one of Black Sabbath’s biggest hits, a third joked: “I’m going off the rails on the crazy Ye.”

And someone else simply commented: “This is an insane crossover.”

There has been no comment yet from Kanye, but he is almost certainly aware of who Ozzy Osbourne is. The rapper sampled the Black Sabbath song ‘Iron Man’ for his song ‘Hell of a Life’ on the album ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.’

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