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25th Mar 2015

Is this the weirdest stunt Jackass have ever pulled?

Steve-O has finally found love...

Ben Kenyon

Could this be the weirdest stunt Jackass has ever pulled?

Oh wait…it’s not a stunt? Steve-O from Jackass is actually dating X-Factor’s Stacey Solomon?

But that’s surely the most incongruous couple since comedy misanthrope Charlie Brooker clapped eyes on beaming Blue Peter presenter Connie Huq?

We certainly didn’t see this coming.

It turns out that a man who made his name nailing his b*llocks to things is now (as my grandma would say) ‘courting’ an X-Factor finalist.

The pair met during filming for a Channel 4 show called The Jump.

When he isn’t finding love on crap reality TV, here’s what Steve-O does best…