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16th Nov 2023

Harry Potter fans are just realising what Aunt Petunia is doing in kitchen scene

Callum Boyle

Harry Potter

‘The amount of times I have seen this movie and yet I didn’t even notice!’

Harry Potter has been a staple of many people’s lives for well over 20 years now.

From the books to the films, the theatre productions and a global brand, it’s one of the most successful series’ of all time.

Yet for all of its success, there’s still some moments that escape the eye of even the biggest of Harry Potter fans.

In the latest of these Easter eggs, fans have noticed one particular scene from the first film: The Philosopher’s Stone, posted by one user on Reddit.

During one of the opening scenes, Aunt Petunia can been seen cooking in the kitchen as Harry walks through to the living room. The Reddit user then goes on to explain: “In Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s (Sorcerer’s) Stone, Aunt Petunia is visible in the background of this scene dyeing Dudley’s old clothes grey for Harry’s uniform. This is only ever mentioned in the book.”

As Mr Dursley goes through Harry’s post as he admires the letter from Hogwarts, Petunia can bee seen mixing a pile of clothes in a big, grey pot.

The original book states that the family originally planned on sending Harry to Stonewall High, rather than Dudley’s prestigious Smeltings Academy.

For his uniform, Petunia had dyed some of Dudley’s old clothes grey for Harry to wear, however he was saved at the last moment by his letter from Hogwarts.

Stunned by the scene that had gone unnoticed, fans reacted, with one saying: “The amount of times I have seen this movie is crazy, and I’ve read the book once, absolutely loved it, and yet I didn’t even notice this.

“That’s actually really cool!!”

A third said: “I always wondered what she was doing, I’d clearly forgotten that detail between reason the book and watching the film.”

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