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09th Nov 2023

GTA-style game set in London is coming soon

Charlie Herbert

GTA london game

Developers aim to ‘provide a truly authentic London experience’ for gamers

A gritty, GTA-inspired game set in London is in development.

Called ENDS, the game aims to take players into the dark underbelly of London through its central character Rahim and his mates Sonny and Reece.

The single player action adventure game is being developed by Concrete Realm, who have said they want to “‘bring the most authentic London based experience ever brought to gaming.”

ENDS will involve RPG (role-playing game) elements as players make crucial choices and decisions as main character Rahim.

Speaking to Insider Gamer, the developers said players will be able to “interact with people all over the city in order to make your money and deal with anyone who gets in your way,” just like in Grand Theft Auto.

Part of the inspiration for the game was that they had noticed a gap in the market for a game that properly ‘captured’ London’s authenticity.

They said: “We felt that many AAA game developers couldn’t quite capture the authenticity of London as we could.

“We’ve noticed that recent UK titles like the new season of Top Boy and Blue Story faced criticism for not fully delivering an authentic experience, and we believe ENDS can fill that gap.

“This project is a passion project for us, and we’ve discovered that many others share our enthusiasm for it. It’s a game designed by and for the people, aiming to provide a truly authentic London experience.”

Whilst the game will focus a lot on the crime and darker side of London, the developers said they had been eager to avoid the glorification of gang culture, drugs, violence and other themes.

They said the game focuses more on the “consequences of such elements.”

The O2 and London skyline can be seen in the teaser trailer for the game (Concrete Realm)

They continued: “Our primary mission with the game’s narrative is to highlight how this lifestyle can profoundly impact an individual’s life.

“Our side missions are specifically designed to contrast legal and illegal activities, with a strong emphasis on demonstrating how each can affect both the community and the main characters within the game.

“We are committed to portraying a realistic and nuanced depiction of these themes to provide players with a deeper understanding of the complexities involved, rather than promoting them in a positive light.”

Currently, the game is on Kickstarter as Concrete Realm try to raise £10,000 for its release.

If they can reach their fundraiser goal, the developers plan on releasing the game’s beta in the first quarter of 2025, before a full release in December that year.

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