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06th Sep 2023

GTA 6 ‘disgusting’ rumoured price tag splits fans, with many refusing to pay so much

Charlie Herbert

GTA 6 price

‘For that price, the game better be able to let me do whatever I want’

GTA 6 is probably the most highly-anticipated video game of all time, and it seems like every week now there’s a new rumour about what it may include or when it could be released.

And big things are expected given that it is apparently going to be the most expensive video game ever made.

But it’s rumoured that the expensive production will quite literally have a price.

According to rumours online, GTA VI could have a eye-watering $150 (£120) price tag slapped on it, Dexerto reports.

For comparison, GTA V cost $59.99 for the standard edition and $79.99 for the special edition when it was released in 2013.

GTA fans have taken to social media to share their reactions to the rumoured price, with some saying that there’s no way they’d spend that much on a game – even one as eagerly anticipated as GTA VI.

One unhappy user wrote: “Me trying to comprehend why a f**king video game would cost 150 bucks.”

Another said: “Yeah well rumor it to cost $70 or we ain’t buying.”

“Whoa that’s really expensive for a game,” someone else added.

A fourth wrote: “For all this wait and it’s price, the game better be able to let me do whatever I want.”

But some made it clear they wouldn’t be bothered by the price, and would even be willing to pay more.

“I’m still buying that mf. Been waiting too damn long not to buy it. Plus that $150 will be for another 10 years of playing. So imo it’s worth it,” said one person.

Someone else agreed, saying: “10+ years of replayability and constant free content updates. That’s more than worth it.”

“I’d pay double to be honest,” a third added.

It needs to be reiterated though, that these are just rumours. While the rumoured price tag has caused debate, there is no confirmation from any official source about how much GTA 6 will cost.

Given it’s been a decade since the last installment in the franchise, fans are desperate for any hint or idea of what the game may look like, but any solid, concrete information about the game is pretty thin on the ground.

The closest we’ve got to any hint of a release period is an official release date being a report stating that the game is unlikely to arrive before mid-2024.

And Rockstar themselves seem to have also hinted that 2024 could be the year when we finally get another Grand Theft Auto game

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